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Frequently Asked Questions
Domain Names

What is a domain name? A domain name is your website address or URL. Each website is associated with an IP address that can be identified by the server. In business, a domain name is the most important part of your website since this is how your web brand is identified. Examples of domain names are,, and


What is an email address? An email address is how your customers can communicate with you online. It's like your mail box online. Also, email addresses with your domain name would be beneficial as it identifies you uniquely in placed of generic emails you'll get from Gmail or Yahoo!. For example, [email protected] emphasizes your brand rather than a generic [email protected].

Managing emails. It's really easy to manage your accounts. Log-in to your account. Click on the email product section and there should be a "manage" button. For details, type managing email products above or contact us.

What is web development or web design? It's a process of developing and designing a website done through web programming and the applicaiton of design principles. For example, a website is usually programmed with PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript so that customers can see a product on a web page which is usually handled by HTML5/HTML, CSS, and CSS3. All of these should also match with one's brand conveyed through some visuals like colors, images and graphics. The benefit of using our web development services is professional look and functionality of your website so that it'll maimize your Search Engine Optimization. Since your

What is responsive design? Responsive design is a principle based on the consistency of the look-and-feel across mobile, tablet, desktops, TVs and bigger monitors. Your customers can see your website on smartphones, desktops or even projection screens. You'll also gain