Many times when a small business owner decides to have a website created they are often unsure of what they actually need. Remeber if you hire a developer and tell them exactly what you want, you will get what you have requested. Before you, as a small business owner approaches a web developer you need to have all your ducks in a row. You need to make sure you and your business are ready. Here are three major factors you need to consider before you begin a website project.

Firstly, you need to plan accordingly. Sit down with a notepad, pen, and someone you can bounce ideas off of this can be a close friend or an employee. Go over the different aspects of your website that you may want to be included. Common oversights that get left out are factors that you may need such as a blog if you are going to work on local SEO, a shopping cart if you are going to sell products, and a photo gallery if your business sells a service or unique products. Make a well-thought list of the things your website will need before you hire a web developer. 

Secondly, you will want to preplan your content. This can take a little while so it is best to be ready or at least prepped to begin creating descriptions, biographical information about your company, and possibly have a few blogs ready to be uploaded. When it comes to content such as blogs and photos it might be best to invest a little bit of money to have a professional assist in the creation process. High-quality pictures will always stand out better for the right reasons and draw attention to your website. Well written blogs that are consistently posted helps your website gain a loyal following that can boost your companies online visibility. 

Finally, before you approach a web developer you need to secure the financial backing required to hire a professional.  No one wants to work for free and no one wants to get into financial difficulty based on a project, be it the developer or you the owner. Free quotes are an excellent way to gauge the overall cost of the website. Once you have received a few quotes it is good practice to secure the largest amount quoted, in addition to an extra $300 to $500 on top of that amount in case you find yourself adding extra work to the project. 

These are a few suggestions to help make your website development project run smoothly. Many times a web developer will go over what is expected of you to help streamline the process. Make sure you are ready before you start! For questions or to begin a web development project, you can click here

Source: Telegraph