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Canada Is Changing Online Marketing

June 22, 2017

Canada is the peaceful neighbor everyone wants to have, this being said, Canada is taking a firm stance on spam marketing that could change how many businesses advertise online. Laws being put into place in Canada can and will affect not only businesses inside the country but potentially foreign companies wishing to advertise to Canadian citizens.

The Canadian Anit-Spam Legislation (CASL) is groundbreaking and one of the toughest laws of this kind to put into place. Email marketing, text marketing, even social media messages are directly impacted by this legislation.

The CASL will be going into effect on July 1st this year. If you or your company messages, emails or texts a Canadian citizen that is not subscribed or opted-in to your advertisements or newsletters you will be fined $200 for each infringement. This may seem small at first but if you consider that every time you send out an e-blast you could be potentially sending that to thousands of Canadian citizens. The fines can quickly add up. On top of fines for each infringement, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission can impose millions of dollars in penalties.

Overall this secures Canadian citizens from any future unwanted spam. Companies can still advertise within Canada though online marketing just with expressed permission from each individual. A few simple guidelines you need to follow:

  • Does your message/email ask for permission to send future correspondences?
  • Is your companies contact information included?
  • Is there a clear way to unsubscribe or opt-out of future correspondences?
  • Is your company keeping an accurate and up to date list of subscribers?

The CASL is designed to protect Canadian citizens. These laws do not inhibit properly coordinated online marketing. If your business collects emails through opt-in formats such as sign-ups and free offer you have nothing to worry about. To learn more about how MythosLife can help you with your marketing, website or online content click here.

Source: VentureBeat


Common Branding Mistakes

June 15, 2017

First impressions are usually the lasting impression that sticks with you or your company for years. More often than not, our first impression is made online through social media, online resumes, and our websites. This can let a person get to know you or your company with little to no interaction. In some cases, this can be a good thing. But in most cases, you have likely made a few mistakes in your branding that could turn people away. Here are a few tips to avoid some major branding mishaps in the future. This can be applied to personal or business websites, social media, and other forms of digital exposure.

The 90's are over! Terms that seemed to do well in the past are no longer pertinent to the professional digital world. Are you or your company actually a goal oriented technical language guru? These jargon terms died out years ago, bringing a level of honesty and humanity to any branding is ideal. So instead of a technical language guru, you might be a professional with years of coding experience under your belt. Switching from the wording that makes you seem cold and robotic to human and warm can truly change the perspective of potential customers or employers.

Never insult anyone or anything. You may have a superior product or service but that does not mean you should disrespect a competitor. This mainly applies to businesses. You do not want to seem like a bully. The best thing to do in situations like this is to promote the good aspects and highlight the ways you are superior without directly referencing a competitor

You can exaggerate slightly when it comes to selling products, services or even yourself for a job. Remember though that it is best to be as honest as possible at all times. If you say you can successfully work with Java, but if the truth is you only understand the basics the truth will be revealed.

Following these basic tips and tricks can truly make a difference in your personal, professional and company branding. There is little room for error when in comes to the first impression. You want to make a strong impact on clients and customers yet give off the warmth and aspects of your personality that will draw a person in. For more information about branding, logo design, or website development click here.

Sources: Forbes



Bad Color Combos

June 08, 2017

In the design world, there is no stronger tool than your color choices. That being said a lot of times a client will not realize that their color choices are potentially damaging to their website and brand. If you are a designer and reading this know that you can step in and explain the issue to your client. If you are a client and reading this, know your designer is a professional and will never give you advice that could harm your website. Open communication between clients and designers is crucial to any project. But to really simply the situation lets go over a few color choices that are simply bad.

Red and green: If you look at a color wheel you will see that red and green are opposites. They do not work well togeather. Humans are trained now after years of conditioning to recognize the meaning behind these two colors. Green means yes, it promotes good thoughts and ambition and the need to go. Red means no, it gives off negative ideas, bad grades and the need to stop. The color combination hurts a customer's eyes and can easily lead to a potential sale clicking away.

Neon on neon: Neon alone is a bad color choice in web design. Anything you color with neon will stand out, and sadly not in a good way. Adding more neon to a neon design will only make it worse. If you want to make potential clients click away faster than ever before this is the color combination for you!

White with light colors: Light pastel colors are beautiful, the promote calm, happy feelings though when using pastel text on a white background it can be very hard to read. The soft text color is slightly illegible causing potential customers headaches when trying to discern what the text is saying.

These bad color choices are easy to avoid, especially when working with a professional web designer or developer. For more information or to start a project click here.

Source: digitalsynopsis


Tips On Successful Discount Marketing

June 01, 2017

There are very few things in life that people enjoy more than getting a good deal on a product. Major corporations such as clothing stores, home goods, and hobby/craft suppliers are already on board with this idea. These major corporations can offer products for 25%, 50% and occasionally 75% off on certain items and services. They are doing this at no loss to their earnings. But how can a small business do this? Does it pay off? Will it help bring in new customers? The good news if is done correctly a discount campaign can pay off in dividends. Let's discuss a few of the best ways to do this!

Crucial to the success of anything you do professionally, you will need to plan this out in detail. You will need to look at your products and services, and the cost that you occur for these. Let us say you are selling a shirt for $15.99. You order the shirt for $4.99 from your supplier, that means you have a wiggle room of close to $10 if you want to make a profit. Remember you should never cut prices to the point that you will incur a loss.

During a campaign, depending on the size of your business you should set aside no less than 30% of your item selection. You do not want to an overly limited amount of older products that no one will purchase. A smart idea is discounting older stock that has not been selling at the same time selecting a few newer pieces that are popular. The newer and more popular pieces will be more likely to attract customers attention while helping to move older products as well.

There are obviously a few ways that you can promote your discount campaign. The biggest being excellent social media exposure. Use your follows and your customer's followers to help you gain traction. Offer referrals discounts and email newsletter membership codes for an addition percentage off. Addition discounts should never exceed 10%. These are a few things you can do to have a successful discount campaign. Remember to have your website up to date and ready for new online clients as well. For more information or for help with website maintenance or marketing click here.


Big Website Mistakes

May 25, 2017

Today your website can make or break your business. The fact that your company and brand are tied directly to an online site can be scary for many individuals. There is a good reason for this. It has been proven that if you want to grow your revenue you will need to capitalize on e-commerce. Sadly, if you have a lackluster website you can watch your potential clients flock to a competitor with a stronger online brand. Though there could be a plethora of mistakes that you could make when crafting a website here are two of the biggest errors that could lead to your websites downfall.

One of the biggest mistakes a website owner could make is overlooking the need for a dynamic/mobile friendly design. With the majority of online browsing and shopping occurring on a mobile device if your website is not able to scale between device sizes and operating systems, you can cross out the largest portion of online shoppers. There is good news and bad news for any who are stuck with a non-responsive. The good news, an old fashioned website kind be revamped into a responsive website. The bad news is, depending on the scope of the work needed it may cost as much as a website development project. With this in mind, it may be a smart choice to take this chance to totally refresh your entire online presence.

Ignoring SEO is a big mistake. This situation occurs more often when a website is done through a DIY service. Sadly though these services a person will lose the knowledge, ingenuity, and experience that a professional web developer can bring to the table. This lack of knowledge can be seen in the absence of properly formatted SEO words. Though a seemingly small oversight, this mistake can lead to a large loss of potential revenue. A customer can not purchase products and services if they can not find your business.

These overlooked mistakes could be costing you thousands in potential earnings. If your website is suffering from these critical oversights it might be time for you to seek the help of a professional web developer. To contact a web developer or to start a project click here.


Personal and Professional Blogs

May 18, 2017

Personal and professional blogs are growing more practical for individuals and companies in today's online marketplace. The simple reason for this boils down financial decisions being made. Companies are creating their own blogs to promote products, gain a loyal online following and improve SEO. Individuals are as always sharing information and building a following based on their personality, creativity, and knowledge. For a few years, individuals have been capitalizing on the rise of blog-based advertising. Companies have found that if they gain the support of individual bloggers with large followings they can advertise products and services with a higher purchase rate than traditional media advertising.

Now the big question... How do we build a successful blog? There are many factors that go into this seemingly straight forward question. We are going to separate the different ways a professional blog and a personal blog can begin, grow, and become a financial asset to the owner.

Personal blogs: Personal blogs are simply a blog that is run by a private individual not directly related to a company or organization. You, your friends, even you mom could have a personal blog. You can write on a variety of topics such as cooking or your love of clay pottery. To start a blog as an individual you will need to find something you are passionate about, something that you can write about with gusto and a decent amount of knowledge. As your blog grows you will want to add things that can give you revenue such as Adsense that pay per click. If you grow large enough and a brand that fits into your blog's theme becomes aware of you, they may approach you for a sponsorship. Make sure you work with the sponsor to stay true to your blog and voice. Stay true to who you are as an individual and your blog will grow!

Professional blogs: These blogs are a different kind of creature. Professional or business blogs are usually written by multiple sources with different styles of writing. If you are lucky your business will have enough resources to have a singular in-house employee dedicated to the job of blogging. When writing a business blog it is a challenge to balance the need to advertise, educate and entertain. Finding a safe balance between the three is hard but once found should be maintained as much as possible. Remember, every blog does not have to be dedicated solely to the sale of a product. Each blog can help make a sale but if you educate about a subject related to your product or service and add a strong call to action at the end of the blog it will still help a blog reader become a customer. Balance and strategy are the keys to a successful professional blog.

Here on Mythoslife, we do offer blog management services for the professional blog. We offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly blog services. To find our more about these services click here.



Web Developers; A Priceless Resource

May 11, 2017

There are many tools that you will need to have a successful business. In this bustling global commerce, you have to have a strong business plan, an amazing strategy and a team that will support you through the early stages of your business. We sometimes forget that when launching a new business you also need to have a strong social presence, a stellar website, and a development/design team that can also help build your online brand. Many are looking to bypass the need for a professional developer in an effort to save money. In doing so they are coming up short. Short on knowledge, short on resources and short on time.

Time: A good web development project should take a couple of weeks, a great website could take a month or more. These time frames are based on you the owner having everything you need for the website prepped and ready. Content, graphics, and your company logo should be ready for the website beforehand. Why use a Professional you may ask yourself? The answer is simple. A professional web developer will have the time to work on your website day and night. The time to create a website that will draw the customer in instead of pushing them away. Time is the most valuable asset we have currently and is it not a renewable resource. Make the most of your time and let a developer handle the rest.

Knowledge: Web development and design is not a weekend hobby that can be picked up by reading a few "How to" articles. A good web developer will be well versed in multiple programming languages which will be used to craft and polish a website. Every programming language is different and complex. Consider a programming language similar to a spoken language. You may learn how to speak the language but it will take years of practice and study to become fluent. Fluency in a programming language allows a web developer to carefully code your website. A professional developer will be able to handle complicated areas and fix issues that arise during the creation process in a timely manner.

Resources: Over years of working in this industry a developer accumulates many resources to make a website. Resources that go beyond simple programming. Resources on a professional level, which include individuals such as graphic designers, copywriters, photographers, bloggers and more. With a quick email, your web developer could have a well-trained platoon of men and women handling tasks that could take the DIY website builder months. While a developer is working on the website creation, his or her team will be editing content for the web pages, helping you create logos, banners, and email blasts. You may be able to find these people on your own, but you will have no peace of mind about the quality of their work. A web developer knows that their reputation is on the line and chooses individuals that strive for the same standard as he/she does.

There is no substitution for getting it done right the first time. The time, knowledge and resources that a professional web developer brings to any project are priceless. When beginning a project, consider working with a professional. You will be happy with the product created for you and will have saved yourself money, frustration and a big headache. For more information or to begin a web development project click here.


Current 2017 Web Design Trends

May 04, 2017

Now that 2017 has had time to find ground to really get a footing, those of us in the web development field have begun to notice new and interesting trends. Every year the fields of web design and web development go through changes and ultimately evolve. New technology is introduced and old technology is updated. These new website trends are pushing the bar higher and making waves in the web design/development world. Many times the changes are on the backend of a website. Occasionally, a change will be on the front-end that shakes up the industry. Here are a few of the frontend trends rocking 2017 so far.

Homepage minimalism: If you have read any of our blogs before, you know that minimalism and website design go hand-in-hand. Minimalism has been a strong theme throughout web design and development for many years. This year, we have seen the minimalistic design evolve further, stripping down the old-fashioned and content-heavy homepage. The remaining website page is clean, bold, and rather beautiful. You can now have the best of both worlds. Simple clean home pages with great SEO, all due to the combination of minimalistic designs and scrolling websites. If you have been hesitant to embrace this change, now may be the time!

Rethinking navigation: The navigation bar of most websites has always been snugly tucked away at the top, more precisely the top right. This way of web design has been normal for a very long time. Finally, the trend has changed, we have been surprised by small and large websites moving their navigation to interesting locations. This change is allowing for greater creativity and a more organic look and feel for each individual website. The cookie cutter navigation bar is slowly being left behind.

Expanding gradients: A gradient is the slow merge of two or more colors. This trend held a strong position in the early years of website development and design. The old way of using gradient faded from popularity as it was seen as archaic and somewhat tacky. In 2017, we can see a new and interesting use of gradient, that shies away from two colors colliding in the background of a website. The new form of gradient use is bold as seen in the logo of many large companies. This trend has become daring in the use of gradient overlaying pictures. The gradient is beautiful when used to bring focus to a website in subtle touches throughout. The tasteful gradient is here to stay, maybe you should see if it is right for your website.

These are just a few of the trends that really stuck out for us. These trends are all based on frontend changes that a user can experience. How do you feel about these trends? Do you think any could revamp your website? For more information or to start a web development project click here.

Source: Designmodo

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