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Planning For You Website Redevelopment

July 19, 2019

We are approaching a part of the year where there are no public holidays, so no holiday sales before the autumn and winter push of seasonal sales. As a small business owner, you may be wondering what you should do during this slow time. Have you considered redesigning or updating your current website? A website update can help push your assist in attracting more potential customers as we move towards the last quarter of the year. A website update or redevelopment may seem daunting. If you do proper planning and find a web developer that has experience working with a small business, your website update will be painless and quick. What should you do and what do you need to look for in a developer? What should you expect during the redevelopment process? In this article, we will cover these topics so you can move forward and enjoy a modern website that will assist in attracting new clients.

To expedite a redevelopment you, as the business owner, should take the time to plan out the content your updated website will have. At first, you may want all of your older content moved from your old design to the new modern one. Before you decide what content you want on your new website, find three competitors and one major brand that have similar services. Once you have a chance to browse through these other websites, you should notice a clean and minimalistic approach to design and content saturation. Today the majority of consumers are attracted to clean and concise websites. With this in mind, take a look at your main website pages and see if the content fits into a modern design.

Once you have decided on the content that is prudent to your website you should organize it in regards to what web page it belongs on. Folders are going to be the best option for your organization needs. You will want to create a main folder for your website name it "Your Website Name: Update." Within this folder, you will need a subfolder for each of your website main pages. In each of the subfolders, you will want to place the written content, images, and videos for each page. Organizing your content this way not only will expedite the redevelopment, but it also gives you an easy-to-find copy of your website content for future updates.

You have organized your content and are now ready to move forward with your website update. Now, you need to find a web developer that will be able to handle the scope of your project. You will want to find a web developer that has education, experience, and enthusiasm.

When looking into the education aspect of your developer, you will want either a degree, a certification, or some form of accredited course completion. Remember it is ok for you to ask for this information this is a job and professional web developers will have a resume that they should be able to provide.

Experience is crucial. When looking for a web developer, you will want someone who has a decent back catalog of successful website projects. A good back catalog shows the developer can complete and launch a finished product. As a small business owner, you will want to find a web developer that has worked with other small businesses in the past. Not only will they understand your goals but will also be able to guide you in the right direction.

Though it may not seem like a critical aspect for a web developer, you will want to find someone who shows enthusiasm for their work. If a web developer enjoys what they are doing and has a passion for creating, updating and maintaining a website, it will be evident in the final product.

With planning completed and your web developer hired, you can begin your website redevelopment. Some final notes, you should be ready to give answers and feedback as needed while your web developer is working. During the project, remember to maintain prompt open communication and voice any concerns calmly yet concisely. If you have any questions about what this article covered or you would like to get a quote for a website redevelopment you can click here.

Debunking Website Redeveloping Worries

June 21, 2019


Having your website redesigned or redeveloped may seem like a daunting task for any small business. You may worry about losing a potential online sale, you could be worried about how long your website will down for, you may even be worried that you will lose important information from your current website. For the most part, all of these concerns are unfounded when you are working with an experienced and professional web developer. When we begin looking closer at the process things will begin to clarify and help you ease your mind. 

First off, you may be worried about losing online sale either to downtime, which we will discuss in a moment or to a potential loss of engagement of previous clients. New clients will only be exposed to your new and updated website but you are worried about previous or long-time clients getting confused or frustrated. Most modern online shoppers are used to updates and changes to some of their favorite websites, the online world is constantly evolving and new technology is being introduced so change is inevitable. When re-developing an older website you will be working closely with your web developer as they craft a website that is modern and functional but also fits with your branding, has an easy to use navigation bar and is very user-friendly. A web developer should be able to produce a website that minimizes confusion and is up to the industry standard of usability. 

As mentioned earlier, a big source of anxiety for a small business owner when considering having a new website created is your websites potential downtime. For every small business owner having your website down could be a huge inconvenience and potential loss of income if you have a strong online presence if you are working with an expert this should not be an issue. When a professional web developer is creating your new website, the old website should always remain active until the new website project is complete. It may go offline for a few moments during the process but not long enough to affect you or your business.  If you are worried you should have a serious talk about your expectations and express your concerns about having your website offline for extended periods of time. The only time your website should be off for any period of noticeable time will be once your new re-developed site is ready to go live, and the older website has to be taken down. Most developers will try to plan this to happen in the late evening or early morning. 

Your old website is filled with pictures, descriptions, and other content that you would prefer not to lose. If the content is going to be used on your new website, your web developer will not want that information to be lost either. There are many ways to save an old website and keep it safe for future reference. You should also save as much content of your website as possible even if you are not redeveloping, just in case something happens to your current website.  If your website is an HTML based website your developer can download the entire website and save a copy that would be accessible offline if you desire you can request a copy of your old website for your own peace of mind. 

Overall redeveloping your older website should not be a scary or stressful process if you are working with an experienced and professional web developer. You should not have a noticeable drop in online revenue, at no point should your current website be down for extended periods of time during the development process save for the actual launching, and your old content from your current website can be saved in some form or another. It is important to work with someone who knows what they are doing. If you are looking to re-develop your current website or create a new website project and are looking for a web developer you can click here and we will get in touch. 

Source: MythosLife

Why Is A Website So Important?

May 31, 2019


Every small business owner wants to be the best, have the most traffic, and rise above the rest of the competition. This is a noble goal but with the over saturation of traditional media advertisements how is a small business to become more unique, visible and increase brand awareness? If your business is not getting enough traction and growth with normal means such as newspaper and radio ads it might be time you consider having a website developed or your current website redesigned. 

A website is a critical part of any modern business. If you look around your community you will find restaurants, dog groomers and even your local hair salon all have their websites up and running attracting a plethora of new customers who are searching for a reputable business. If you do not have a website or are still using an outdated design it is likely that clients are passing your business by. 

Why does this happen? Simply put,  in today's society, everything that you could possibly be looking for is readily available online. We are now trained to research everything before shopping. Luckily many people still prefer to purchase something in person but will still do their research to find the best product at the best price range. If your business does not have a website than a potential customer has no ability to research your products, find out more about your business or build a level of trust.

As we mentioned previously trust in a business is important. A well designed and modern website helps build trust in your brand before a customer walks through your door. Your website is going to be the first impression of your business a customer will have, its best to make sure it is a positive impression. 

It is very important to your business to have an up to date and modern website that promotes your brand and encourages a potential customer to trust you. 

A Modern Web Developer

May 17, 2019


Web development and design have changed over the years since the industry first began. The time of self-built basic coded websites are over and the rise of the sleek and user-friendly custom built websites is here to stay. The modern day web developer can create your website, help you market it and even perform routine maintenance. With all of these skills that you might be unaware of, let us take a closer look at what a modern web developer can do for you and your small business. 

  1. An obvious skill a web developer has in their toolbox is the ability to create and develop a website from the ground up. What you may not realize is a web developer in today's bustling industry can also do web design.  If you are looking to save a little money and bypass the middle man you might want to talk to your web developer and see if they have any ideas about how your website should look and feel. A web developer has the experience to lean on from the back catalog of successful websites they have created.
  2. Marketing is tough and there are many hurdles to navigate. As the web development industry has gotten more and more saturated many web developers have taken it on themselves to expand and learn other skills that can help you and other clients. Marketing is a complicated endeavor and is best handled by a professional. When looking for someone to handle your marketing it may be wise to work with someone you know and who knows your brand. 
  3. Your website is complete and it has been a couple of months now you have new products to list, new sales to post and blogs that need to be published but you do not have the time. If you ask your web developer likely has a plan that covers your web maintenance for a decent hourly rate. Your web developer will know the ins and outs of your website and be able to quickly make changes. 

These are just a few of the ways a web developer can assist your small business. Marketing, designing and even maintenance can truly be hassle-free for more information click here.

Source: MythosLife  

Website Spring Cleaning

March 22, 2019

Spring is officially here and now is the time that traditionally is used for spring cleaning. You dust, sweep, mop and for your small business you change out stock and a few seasonal items are usually going to be put on the discount or sales rack. You use this time to organize, refresh your items and overall bring in a fresh feeling to your small business. During this time it might be smart to start focusing your efforts on your website.

Throughout the year you can collect a plethora of seasonal advertisements on your website. Holiday sales coupons, promotions, and discount notifications are wonderful during the actual holidays but if you are still listing them on your homepage you should really think about removing them. Old advertisements clutter up your website and confuse potential clients. Seasonal landing pages are wonderful for holiday traffic but like old promotions on your home page, you should unpublish them so they are no longer accessible. 

Spring cleaning could also mean updating and refreshing your websites theme, layout and design. Most websites will update and adjust designs and layouts to fit a more modern look and feel. Change and updating are normal throughout the life of your website. If your website looks too old many clients may feel like your company is not well managed. 

Smaller changes such as removing old images, updating information and text-based content are usually quick changes that can help clean up and declutter your website. Adding new images of better quality and making the text more concise helps engage customers to continue browsing your website. 

Though you may occasionally feel changes to your website are unneeded they can really help promote your website. Keep your website as clean and updated as you would your physical storefront, updating throughout the year will keep your clients who use your website engaged. To learn more or to talk to a web developer click here

Why Are Custom Websites The Best?

March 08, 2019

When your small business decides to make the step into the bustling online market place you have multiple options on how to move forward. There are a plethora of DIY style websites offering multiple different styles. There are WordPress builds that you can choose from and rising above all the rest is the custom built original websites crafted by web developers. What makes these custom websites different? How can a website that is designed and built for your small business help you rise above others in the same industry? 

Custom built websites have a huge advantage over cut and paste DIY websites in that they are truly fully customizable. You can add a plethora of information, graphics, pages, and plugins that can make your potential customers engaged in browsing. Customization makes potential online clients feel your website is unique and professional garnering a level of trust. 

A custom website allows you to quickly update and change the layout and design of your website without going through the tricky task of working around a set cookie cutter layout. This gives your website the potential to grow unhindered without restrictions set in place by a larger companies oversight. 

When working with a web developer you will be able to focus your time on the much more important tasks that keep your business running smoothly. While you are busy working so is your web developer.  Nothing is more valuable than time and experience. You will have time to do what you need and your web developer brings years of experience they have gained through crafting multiple websites. 

Working with a web developer is a truly beneficial way to create a unique and personalized website that can truly help you grow your business into something larger than you thought, possibly becoming the name brand for the product or service you are focusing on.  To find out more click here

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Does Buying Old Domains Increase Your Ranking?

January 25, 2019

There are possible times a websites life that it has fully served its purpose. Large companies might buy a domain for a specific event or promotional sale and once completed what happens to the website domain? Can a person buy the domain and have their new website created and rank as high as the older website? Is this a sneaky way that business owners can quickly rise to the top of a search engines results page?

Google has now clarified that when a domain changes ownership they are fully aware of the changes. Google is not going to let your business have a leg up just because you purchased a once popular domain. 

To rank this domain with Google you will have to put in the same amount of effort that the previous owners. A representative from Google confirmed this and explained that if you are attempting to purchase a domain for the sole purpose of a higher ranking than you should not waste your time. 

Google is not going to give anyone a shortcut to higher rankings. If you wish to rank higher you will have to put in the work. Buying a domain and hoping to rank because it is a futile attempt.  If you want a leg up on your ranking you may consider looking into services provided by MythosNetwork.

Source: Google Forum

Why Web Developers Are The Best

November 30, 2018

We often times forego having a professional web developer craft a unique and one of a kind website that not only promotes your companies branding but at the same boosts your sales and increases your revenue. What causes these aversions? Why do many small business owners go about website construction the hard way by using oversimplified do-it-yourself website builders? What do web developers have that a DIY website builder cannot compete with?

The fear of high prices and large fees are fears that every small business owners have when they are considering having a custom website coded by a professional web developer. Though depending on the scope and requirements needed for a website price reflects the work that will be done. Larger websites that will take more time and feature more intense coding will cost more than a website that functions primarily as a landing page and information source. Cost can be easily absorbed if you look at the cost of the DIY builder, monthly fees, and the sometimes outlandish transfer fees.  Though a custom website may cost more upfront if also gives you full control of all the content, the websites hosting, and gives you full ownership of the website. 

Small Business owners also worry about how long websites may take to be completed. Even owner built DIY websites take time, sometimes weeks to perfect. A web developer will also take time to fully craft a completed website for a business. If a small business owner has taken the time to provide all the essential information such as descriptions, pictures, and prices the project will be completed quicker than if left till last minute. It is important to understand that delays will happen if you are not able to provide accurate information. A web developer will do the utmost to create a professional website that not only functions properly but is aesthetically pleasing.

A web developer is able to expand on your website creating pages, plugins, and galleries that will easily outshine the preformed themes provided by a DIY website builder. Careful planning, a strong knowledge base and the ability to troubleshoot almost any problem. Working with a web developer is truly one of the best options for a business.  To find out more click here

Source: MythosLife