With part one of the Expectations vs Reality series, we covered what really goes into the timeline for a website creation project. What you as a customer needs to provide at different steps of the process, what your web developer will be doing and we debunked a few myths that sadly have become a popular misconception within the industry. In this article, we are going to delve deeper into what you should be providing to your web developer, the reasoning behind this and debunk the myths that have formed over time.  

Your website is your touchstone to the online world, your source of online revenue, the main point of your client interactions and a huge representation of your company. With this in mind, the content on your website is crucial to the success of your online branding.  When planning your website you need to know that the content that will be placed on your website is your responsibility. 

Why is your content your responsibility? Your web developer is responsible for the development of your websites code, the design, and the layout. Your developer may be familiar with your company and branding to a degree but no one knows your company as well as you or your team does. If you hire a developer and insist the content creation be handled by your developer you should not hold your expectations too high, it is not a web developers mindset to create written content that is creative, compelling or even interesting. The more logical side of web developers take over when working, creativity in reference things like descriptions will suffer.

Always check and recheck your contract before you request content creation. If it is not listed in your contract then you are responsible for the content.  On the other side of the coin, when creating the content for your website it is always a smart decision to ask for input from your web developer. Your developer can let you know how much content is easily supported by your layout, the size of pictures you should use, and even advise on organic SEO. 

Work with your web developer not against them, remember that your developer will do everything in their ability to give you the best website possible. Combining your created website and original content will help your company grow. For more information or to start a project click here

Source: MythosLife