MythosLife is a web development business that has been up and running for a while. The team has seen a lot, done a lot, and helped create websites for a multitude of different businesses and clients. Through all this experience we have learned quite a lot about the expectations clients have about the web development experience. Through our blog, we have covered a lot of information since we began and over the next series of articles, we will help debunk common misconceptions and myths that many business owners have about the web development process. In this article, we will look at the timeline of website creation from start to finish. 

Before you, as a client even contacts a web developer there are a few things you should already have ready. You should have a basic outline of what you need on your website. The crucial part of this outline is to focus on what you must have to properly perform your business functions. The needs must always outweigh the wants in the beginning. When you have put a together decent basic outline you can begin working on a comprehensive outline in which you can include things that you want, these are things you can negotiate on or take off if you need to save money. 

Once you contact a web developer it is time to solidify a design idea. This is a crucial moment where you need to work with and trust in your developer. When your design is finalized and your theme is worked out your developer will begin the website.  This is the point where your design and theme are set in stone, to redo the design your web developer will have to start from the beginning of the creation process. 

While your web developer is busy with the creation of your website, you should be busy with your content, have your business information, product descriptions and blogs ready to be added to your website when your web developer needs it. 

Unless clearly stated in your contract your web developer is not responsible for the content on your website. It is your job to provide everything you want on your website when it comes to written content, videos, and pictures.  The misconception that once you hire a web developer they will fully materialize your website including content is false. 

Your website is complete, your content is added, and now it is time to finish your payment process. During this time you may want to seriously consider hiring your developer to manage your website. Hiring a web developer to manage your website allows you to have a professional to update, maintain and edit your website as needed. 

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