Technical Support Solution Series

MythosLife Web Development utilizes these steps so you can focus on your bottom line. These steps are for you to follow should you choose to do this yourself for setting up your website on your hosting account. Although this is specific to MythosLife hosting services, it's similar with other web hosting providers.


  • Web development tools and technical know-how
  • Purchased domain
  • Purchased hosting plan
  • MythosLife account (you'll receive this when you purchase both the domain and hosting plan)
FIRST: Set-Up Your Hosting Account

After purchasing a hosting plan, set-up your hosting account so you can "store" the contents and codes of your website. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to > Login or go to Log in to your MythosLife account with the username and password you registered with.
  2. Click on Manage button under Web Hosting.
  3. Select the domain that you purchsed from MythosLife.
  4. You are now ready to Upload Your Site
SECOND: Upload Your Website

There are several ways you can upload your website. You can publish your website from an applicatoin like Dreamweaver or Visual Studio. But you can manually upload all your website files via FTP.

  1. Download an FTP tool like Fillezilla and install it on your computer (compatible with both Mac and Windows)
  2. Get your FTP settings where you'll need: FTP host, FTP username, and FTP password (you should have received an email when you signed up MythosLife). Alternatively, you can go "Manage" your hosting in the cPanel under the FTP settings.
  3. Open your FTP tool you just installed. Go to File > Site Manager > type the information of the FTP host, FTP username, and FTP password.
  4. Connect to FTP
  5. Drag all the files from your desktop to the right-hand side (or "Remote site") of the FTP tool window.
  6. Preview your website from your browser by typing the URL or domain name address.

Go get more help, you can either go to the Frequently Asked Question page or ask us for any technical questions.