Graphics, images, and videos are wonderful additions to every website. They can inspire new customers to make purchases, promote loyal customers to continue visiting your site and help you relay information, moods, and other desired emotions onto your audience. With this in mind, you may want to begin filling your website with a plethora of images ranging from small to large. Before you have your web developer overload your website lets look closer at some of the important aspects of acquiring and using images. 

For websites to be included on your website you must either own the images, have written consent from the owner of the images to use it, or find an image that is copyright free to use. This may seem like an easy task but honestly, it can get a bit complicated. Let us look a bit closer at your three options and than you can decide what could work best for you. 

To own an image you or someone you have hired must take the photographs or you can purchase the rights from a photographer. Obtaining images through purchase or self-creation is one of the best ways to protect you and your website from potential copyright claims. 

Say you have a friend who is a photographer or find an image on someone's portfolio that you wish to use. If you reach out and get permission to make sure you follow up with a formal request and they respond in writing giving your their expressed permission. Without it, you can be held liable. It is always smart to cover all of your bases. 

Lastly, it is possible you can always find a copyright free photo on a gallery sight. There are multiple free and subscription-based gallery websites that have a multitude of images that are largely copyright free. Many times these websites simply request that you give the photographer credit. 

These are the main ways that you can obtain images for your website. Remember that images on your website serve an important function so be careful when adding them to your website. Careful consideration should be given and only high-quality images should be given a place on your business site. Always have the rights to use the image, and any images that you have created should be copyrighted by you or your business. Good luck in finding or creating suitable images for your company's website. If you need to redevelop or create a website you can click here to get a free quote. 

Source: MythosLife