As the holiday season approaches here in the USA the next few months are going to be filled with different holidays and each with their own theme and decorations. It is very easy for a small business to get sucked into changing their websites colors, pictures and themes to fit the season. This can be aesthetically pleasing for a few days and customers might enjoy the addition temporarily but constant changes to a websites look and feel can cause annoyances. Of course, if you as a small business owner still wants to go forward with changes to make your website feel more seasonal, there are subtle ways to incorporate seasonal changes to your website. Here are a few ways you can subtly change the look of your website for the approaching holidays without ruining the overall look of your website. 

Pictures: Changing a few pictures on your website that are taking up key eyeline focus areas, such as those on the home page and near the top and bottom of the webpage can be done to great success if done tastefully. Remember all changes should be executed with the overall look and feel of your website if your website is minimal with clean lines and a focus on usability you should not suddenly incorporate overly cartoonish images that take away from your theme. Everything you put on your website will reflect upon your business. If you have taken time to create and nurture a certain reputation and image you do not want to stray too far. Keep your holiday-themed images in line with the year-round images you use. 

Colors: Fonts, backgrounds, boxes, and footers all have color. Be it black and white, colors to fit your theme or colors to match your logo most websites have a color palette that was carefully chosen to add to your website and help a consumer engage easier. Changing your color palette per holiday is never suggested! For a small business, the amount of time and effort that will go into changing every webpage on your website is far beyond the scope that would be comfortable or feasible. If you are working with a developer to manage your website the hourly costs could quickly add up depending on how many different web pages you have. Where your creativity can truly shine though, is on your landing pages that are holiday specific. If you have upcoming events that are specific to the holiday you can use different font colors, changes your lines and borders and possibly play with your background. All of these changes again should always fit into your websites overall theme to keep a consistent brand across your domain. 

Graphics: Seasonal graphics such as bats, pumpkins, turkeys, and snowflakes are beautiful if done properly. If you have a minimalistic website and wish to incorporate these seasonal graphics choose small and subtle graphics that can be consistently placed across the website. The easiest areas to place these are in headers and footers. Keeping the graphics in theme with your website is still crucial. Graphics can be a wonderful addition if used properly, but overly large or intrusive graphics can distract a consumer and cause them to click away from your website. 

Holidays are a wonderful time to bring in new clients and promote your seasonal products to loyal customers. If done correctly seasonal updates to your website can help promote your brand and increase revenue during this lively time of the year. Just remember that if you make changes to revert to your normal website design after the holiday is over, keep your changes subtle and in theme with your website, and don't change too much to cause confusion.  

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Source: MythosLife