There are possible times a websites life that it has fully served its purpose. Large companies might buy a domain for a specific event or promotional sale and once completed what happens to the website domain? Can a person buy the domain and have their new website created and rank as high as the older website? Is this a sneaky way that business owners can quickly rise to the top of a search engines results page?

Google has now clarified that when a domain changes ownership they are fully aware of the changes. Google is not going to let your business have a leg up just because you purchased a once popular domain. 

To rank this domain with Google you will have to put in the same amount of effort that the previous owners. A representative from Google confirmed this and explained that if you are attempting to purchase a domain for the sole purpose of a higher ranking than you should not waste your time. 

Google is not going to give anyone a shortcut to higher rankings. If you wish to rank higher you will have to put in the work. Buying a domain and hoping to rank because it is a futile attempt.  If you want a leg up on your ranking you may consider looking into services provided by MythosNetwork.

Source: Google Forum