There are multiple reasons that your business may want to consider redesigning or redeveloping your old website. Keeping your website up to date is critical to staying relevant in the constantly evolving online world. Some websites may only need a few minor updates others may need a full redesign. Here are some of the reasons to consider updating your website.

So your website is not comparable to the more modern websites. Your website feels dated, old and the look of your website is reminiscent of something created in 2005. Aesthetics may seem like a shallow reason for hiring a web developer but consumers and clients are visual people that find it easier to trust and purchase online if the website feels reputable. Outdated websites do not feel trustworthy or credible.

Is your website slow? Does it take more than a few seconds for all the attributes on your website to load? Unsurprisingly your slow website could be caused by old code that is not able to keep up with the sleeker codes of other websites. New coding languages are developed constantly and older web languages are evolving and growing. If your website is still using old code languages and has not been updated in more than a year it is highly likely that the performance of your website is suffering. Many users will simply click away if your website is taking to long to load.

If you have not updated your website since its creation, depending on when it was originally created it is likely that your website is not optimized for mobile devices. This is a huge issue. Seeing as how 70% or more of online browsing is done from the comfort of a smartphone you could be missing out on a large pool of potential clients that will never see your website.

Last but certainly not least, your website could be affecting your SEO. Many search engines are constantly updating their algorithm to bring the best possible search results to their users. If your website is not coded, designed, and laid out in a way that promotes easy use, clean layouts and optimal interaction you can expect a lower ranking. A lower equals less traffic and less traffic means fewer customers.

These are just a few of the ways that an old website might negatively affect your business. If you have any questions or concerns about this you can contact us by clicking here. We will be happy to go through the process and steps that can be taken to bring your website into the modern online world.

Source: MythosLife