Videos, recordings, and music on websites can be very useful to relay complex information, preview self-created music and audio content such as podcasts or radio shows.  The most difficult parts of using any content are balancing, obtaining and creating the content for your website. In this article will we be breaking down this topic and looking at the best way to successfully integrate these different forms of media into your website. 

Firstly, any content on your website be it videos, pictures or written needs to belong to you or your business. You will either want to have purchased the copyright, licenses or have created or hired someone to create the content. This keeps you and your business safe from potential legal ramifications. It is always better to be safe than sorry in these situations. Most small businesses do not have the time or financial backing to pursue a lengthy legal battle, so covering your bases and investing a little bit can be useful in the long run. 

Secondly, a huge mistake many people make when developing a website is relying too much on the media rich content such as videos. Sacrificing written content for videos, recording or music is never a good idea. Search engines rank your website based on the readable content available. Supplementing your written content with videos or other media files can lower your ranking in search results causing you to lose client traffic and possibly revenue.

Finally the last and possibly most important aspect of using media files on your website is the placement, organization, and balance. Users of your website want to have an entertaining enjoyable experience on your website. If your website is overcrowded with media a user may find this obtrusive. A potential customer seeks balance among your website. You need to provide them a good amount of written material they can read, digest and understand alongside the use of media that can expand further on the topic. 

These are just a few of the things you need to take into account when incorporating videos, music or recordings into your website. Remeber to always have the rights to use the media, never replace too much of your written content, and always strive for a healthy balance between your media and written content. You can always ask the advice of a web developer. For more information or to start a web development project, you can click here.