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How To Avoid Bad Website Hosting Providers

June 01, 2018

Picking through website hosting providers can be a tiring, overwhelming and sometimes anxiety-inducing process. So much of your online presence relies on your website to be up and running as much as possible. A good website hosting service you have an uptime of at least 99%, have 24-hour customer service and tech support and not cost you an arm and a leg. There are so many companies around providing website hosting you need to look closely to determine if they are worth your business or not. Here are a few easy ways to tell if a website hosting company is credible.

  1. Luckily for most customers that have access to the internet, you can easily look up a company to find their online reviews. Always check the reviews of other clients who have used the web hosting services of the company in question. If the negative reviews outweigh the positive this is a major red flag! You should immediately be cautious before purchasing a hosting plan with a negatively reviewed company.

  2. In most industries, there is a refund policy, in web hosting this is no different. Most legitimate companies with a service that is reliable and well priced will provide a refund if you cancel your service within the specified time frame. Most of these time frames are between 7 and 30 days. For whatever reason any company that does not provide refund policy or state "No Refund" is not a company you should be considering.

  3. The market for a website hosting service is saturated with companies ready to host your website. With this in mind, you should never pay a higher amount than necessary. Before purchasing a hosting plan you should carefully research at least three other companies to check their prices against comparable plans of the competition. If at any time you are faced with a hosting plan that is $100 or more higher than other plans on the market than it is not worth it.

  4. At some point, after purchasing your web hosting plan for some reason you might want to switch your website to a different website hosting provider. This is perfectly normal. But if you did not check the website host providers transfer policy you may be surprised by shockingly expensive transfer fees. You should never have to deal with expensive transfer fees. Most web hosting services will either charge nothing or an under $20 fee to transfer your website to another hosting company.

These are just a few things you should look out for when considering purchasing a website hosting plan. Remeber to always research each company and ask questions. A good hosting company will be ready to answer all of your questions! To purchase a website hosting plan through MythosLife click here, for any questions click here.

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Is Web Design a Dying Job?

May 24, 2018

There has been a rumoring flying around the tech industry, web design is dying! Well as with most rumors, this simply isn't the truth. Everything changes, evolves and grows into something new. Web design is doing that very thing even as you read this. As long as websites exist there will be someone working hard behind the scenes. But in this changing tech world, the web designer has evolved into a more well rounded and experienced expert.

So what has changed? Well as new languages, interfaces and online apps have become to the forefront the web designer has changed how they work. Updating themselves to become what is now called a full stack developer. This may sound odd but in fact, many web developers were already fluent in multiple coding languages.

Full stack coding is a combination of front-end languages and back-end coding. Mastery of full-stack technology is what allows developers to truly take a project and create something amazing. A full stack developer can take your project and code you something that can fit all your needs, sync to multiple servers, allow your clients and customers an online portal and even help you keep track of your sales and purchases.

For any questions or to start a project, we at Mythoslife are happy to assist you. Click here for more information!

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How Can You Improve Your Website Ranking?

May 18, 2018

Every website owner and most web developers have had that moment when they go onto a search engine, type in a few keywords related to the website in question and press search. Most of the time after clicking search a sense of disappointment begins to enter the searcher's mind as they find their website is not ranking as high as they would have thought. It is common knowledge that your SEO keywords are what directly affects your search engine ranking. With this in mind, why is your ranking not as high as you expect? We shall look at a few of the unique ways that you and your web developer may be able to increase your SEO ranking.

A crucial step to jumpstarting or revamping your online ranking is planning, research and in-depth analysis of your website, your selected keywords and the top-ranked keywords and metadata of your competition. This task may seem a little daunting at first. If you break it down and approach it at a healthy pace it can be a relatively painless endeavor.

1. Take stock of your companies overall website, compare the amount of text versus code on each page. Your code should never outweigh the content. Your text should be unique, nonrepetitive and original. Strategically scattering a healthy amount of industry-specific keywords related to your field of business is a smart decision. It is more important to be focused on balancing your content to code ratio is this stage.

2. After you have successfully evaluated and corrected any issues you had with the content of your website it is not time to begin gauging the effectiveness of your metadata and SEO keywords. First, find a website or service that allows you to track and rank different SEO keywords. Input and track your selected keywords for a set period of time to gauge the overall appeal and traffic they receive. If you see some words performing poorly you may want to add or replace these with other words that might have higher popularity.

3. Crucial to the success of your plan, you should now begin gauging the effectiveness of your competitions SEO keywords. Thier are quite a few different websites that will allow you to look behind the scenes at your competitions keywords. Choosing 5 to 10 different keywords and ranking them with the service mentioned above will allow you to compare and re-evaluate your own choice of words.

These are just a few of the tricks that many companies have used to increase their rankings on search engines. Though these have been proven to work for others even giving way to huge increases in website activity. Remeber that each website is different and that even a small amount of increased activity is potential revenue and customers.

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Perks of Working With a Website Manger

May 11, 2018

If you are a small business with a website you understand how much of a headache that can happen while trying to manage your storefront and deal with all the updates, additions and changes you need to do to keep up with your online presence. As your business grows all these small changes can quickly stack up and you are facing hours of work that will take you or an employee away from the needed daily tasks that help your business run smoothly. Is there a solution? The answer is yes, you can contract out the work to a web developer who can manage your website for you. Let's look closer at the benefits of working with a website manager.

As a small business owner, you are fully aware that most days do not end when you close your shop. You now have to go through all the tasks that will get your business ready for the next day and hopefully have time to get home for supper. A huge benefit of working with a professional is the amount of time and energy they can save you. A website manager can take a few of those daunting tasks that you have been putting off when dealing with your website and wrap them up neatly. When running your small business every moment you can devote to growing and increasing your bottom line is time well spent.

When you first look at the rates that most web managing services quote you, it may seem like a lot of money. Most services are going to give you an hourly rate and a possible retainer for their monthly services. You might be looking at your list of changes and edits and see how it might add up to hours of work. This is a normal reaction but let's delve a little deeper. Most small tasks that you see as daunting, are not a real issue for most professional and experienced web developers. Most web developers are fluent in multiple coding languages and have the experience to quickly breeze through a list of smaller website updates and edits. For a normal person, these tasks could take hours. When an experienced web developer is presented with the same list they can quickly breeze through in an hour.

One of the biggest benefits that you can receive from building a relationship a website managing service is the invaluable advice and input you can receive. If a web developer has been in the industry for a while, they have built websites for other companies, managed other businesses online presences and helped build the online brand of many companies. They now have all of this experience they can share with you and your company.

If you are confused and have more questions feel free to contact us at Mythoslife we are ready and willing to explain how a website managing service works and how we can set you up with a plan that works best for you.

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Can An Old Domain Affect Your Business?

May 04, 2018

There are times when a business makes websites for different events, promotions, and advertisements. These websites are often abandoned after the reason for the website creation has expired or is no longer relevant. Many companies will let the domain expire and not renew to save money. One would assume this is not a big issue, a business can simply forget about their expired domain names and the world will continue like before. Many times this could be the case, but it is important to remember that when you no longer own a domain name that domain can be bought by someone else.

When looking into this subject you can find hilarious, troubling and sometimes scary examples of how major brands have let their old domains expire.

Two of the biggest concerns any company should have when they release a domain name is their reputation, and their customer's security. Once the domain is up for grabs it is really a free for all for spammers, malware, and online trolls. The more traffic a website had in the past increases the desirability of the domain for someone to purchase it. A perfect example of this is with the condiment giant Heinz. If you think back Heinz did a huge competition to design a new label, there was a lot of traffic to the domain specially created for this competition. Heinz put out a massive amount of advertisements, ketchup bottles everywhere had the domain of the website proudly displayed. Now if you go to the website that once belonged to the condiment brand is now a porn site. For obvious reasons, we won't be listing the websites name, but for those curious, a quick Google search will bring up the website. So this really only affects a business reputation, and usually only for a short period of time. But what happens when a company's customers are affected?

The computer giant Dell made a horrible oversight that potentially caused many customers to put their security at risk. One time Dell had a data back site that would allow you to periodically backup your computer's data. Dell let the domain lapse and quickly it was snatched up by someone with ill intent. Once the domain changed hands it became known for malware, this could have easily caused Dell customers to lose their private information, money and a great deal of time.

One of the biggest takeaways from this is to remember that domains are not expensive. The cost is negligible when compared to the effect it could have on your company's reputation. For simple and straightforward domain hosting look no further than MythosLife.

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Easy Ways To Modernize Your Website

November 16, 2017

Over time you could find that the luster and shine of your website have faded. This is normal, especially with the constant change and advances in design, technology, and trends. For the most part, there is no need to panic! If you have kept your website updated, all your content is relevant and your website is mobile friendly than you can work with a developer or a designer to make subtle changes to bring your websites aesthetic up to date. Here are a few things you might like to consider to help your website stand the test of time.

A big part of design over the years has been minimalism. A minimalistic design will never go out of style. Overcrowded websites saturated with colors, pictures, and design elements are a trend that died out years ago. These aspects of a website can make the overall look and feel seem dated. Sticking with clean lines, a good amount of white space and carefully chosen pictures can prolong the period of time needed before you have to update the design of your website.

We touched on minimalism, but your color choices should also reference your business and branding. If your branding is and logo is green consider using a dark green color for headers, borders, and links. These minor changes help your customers recognize your online branding. Small splashes of color, carefully planned can stay stylish for many years to come.

Content is always going to be one of the most important aspects of your website. A consumer wants to be able to find the relevant information in a simple and concise manner. Keep your website content as minimal as possible without losing meaning. For the most part, a potential client will not want to read an entire page of information for each product you have on offer. Try to limit most descriptions to one paragraph.

These are just a few of the simple things that can be done quickly to bring your website into the modern online environment. For more information or to begin a project click here.

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The Best Way To Host Your Website

November 09, 2017

When you are working with a web developer or even building a website on your own, there will come a point in the project that you will need to host your website. There are two options when it comes to hosting a website, you can either buy a server and use this to run your website from or you can purchase a hosting plan. Self-hosting may seem like a good idea until you really look at this option and all of the drawbacks. For a small business trying to host their own website the potential risk, cost and headache can be more of a burden than a benefit.

Let's look at a few of the biggest differences between self-hosting and a web hosting plan.

Knowledge: If you have decided to go the self-hosting route, you will need to prepare yourself for all of the intricate and crucial technology, codes, maintenance and database languages that come with owning a server. For the most part, this can take months and years of study and practice. If you are purchasing a hosting plan from a web developer you are not going to personally deal with any of the backends. Your developer and the hosting company should be able to handle anything that comes up in a quick an timely manner, they know how to deal with the common issues and troubleshoot larger ones.

Security: This is one of the biggest issues a self-hosted website will run into. You will not have peace of mind no matter what. A small business is incapable of monitoring their server at all times of the day. You will be open to hacks and be risking yours and your customer's personal information. With a web developer hosting plan, the web developer is often partnered with a larger company that has employees that monitor the security of the server, has the finances to invest in advanced firewalls and security algorithms and a team that offers 24-hour support.

Up-time: With self-hosting, unless you have invested in backup generators and backup servers you can not guarantee your website is up an running. If you have a power outage you could be offline for hours or days. If a power outage flickers your server could become damaged or corrupt. Without a backup server, you could lose your website to a plethora of accidents. With a developer hosting plan, you have the peace of mind knowing that your website should be up and be running 99% of the time.

For more information about web hosting or to purchase a plan click here

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Holiday Website Theme

November 02, 2017

There are few things during the year that people look forward to as much as the holidays. Though stressful we as consumers and customers love seeing the lights, the decorations, and the festive colors. With the rise of e-commerce and website based purchasing going through the roof, as a small business owner, it might be a good idea to maximize the holiday exposure and consider adding festive touches to your website. Specifically the homepage of your website.

There are a few simple things you can change on your website to really invoke the holiday spirit! Here is a small list of some of the quickest and easiest changes!

  • Header and titles are an easy thing that can be adjusted to fit the holiday spirit. One of the easiest changes is the color of your header and other titles text on your homepage. Though most designers now shy away from the overused traditional colors of red and green and tend to lean closer to the softer golds, silvers and other beautiful metallic colors. If this does not fit your websites aesthetic try using a darker red or a darker green.
  • Images should be clean, classy and minimalistic. You should shy away from over stimulating and busy photos. Classical and beautiful styled images with warm representations on happy families, hot cocoa, and cookies, or elegantly displayed bobbles.
  • Borders and banners, though usually should remain the same, you can adjust them to a softer more holiday appropriate color. Only do so for the season and quickly have them returned to normal as soon as the season has come to and end.

These are just a few ways you can update your website for the hilidays without having to totally change everything about yout website. Rmeeber that many times less is more. If you are having to many issues or struggling to update you website you can alway seek out help! To start a project or just ask a few questions click here

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