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Website Development Check List

July 05, 2018

Many times when a small business owner decides to have a website created they are often unsure of what they actually need. Remeber if you hire a developer and tell them exactly what you want, you will get what you have requested. Before you, as a small business owner approaches a web developer you need to have all your ducks in a row. You need to make sure you and your business are ready. Here are three major factors you need to consider before you begin a website project.

Firstly, you need to plan accordingly. Sit down with a notepad, pen, and someone you can bounce ideas off of this can be a close friend or an employee. Go over the different aspects of your website that you may want to be included. Common oversights that get left out are factors that you may need such as a blog if you are going to work on local SEO, a shopping cart if you are going to sell products, and a photo gallery if your business sells a service or unique products. Make a well-thought list of the things your website will need before you hire a web developer. 

Secondly, you will want to preplan your content. This can take a little while so it is best to be ready or at least prepped to begin creating descriptions, biographical information about your company, and possibly have a few blogs ready to be uploaded. When it comes to content such as blogs and photos it might be best to invest a little bit of money to have a professional assist in the creation process. High-quality pictures will always stand out better for the right reasons and draw attention to your website. Well written blogs that are consistently posted helps your website gain a loyal following that can boost your companies online visibility. 

Finally, before you approach a web developer you need to secure the financial backing required to hire a professional.  No one wants to work for free and no one wants to get into financial difficulty based on a project, be it the developer or you the owner. Free quotes are an excellent way to gauge the overall cost of the website. Once you have received a few quotes it is good practice to secure the largest amount quoted, in addition to an extra $300 to $500 on top of that amount in case you find yourself adding extra work to the project. 

These are a few suggestions to help make your website development project run smoothly. Many times a web developer will go over what is expected of you to help streamline the process. Make sure you are ready before you start! For questions or to begin a web development project, you can click here

Source: Telegraph

Why Website Quality Is Declining?

June 28, 2018

Currently, there are more than a billion websites live on the internet. Designs range from the outlandish to boring. Luckily most websites fall somewhere in the middle, perfectly acceptable websites that serve their function. Sadly as of late many websites have shown a lack of quality, what could be bringing this on? With this rise of subpar websites, let us delve a little deeper into the cause and effect that this could be having on business, consumers, and developers.

Firstly, let's consider the mindset of most consumers today. As a consumer everyone wants a product or service cheap and quick. As someone who is seeking a developer to create a website, remember your investment in your website will directly correlate to the quality of your website. A developer will do their best within the constraints of your budget but if you are nickel and diming a developer to the point of frustration, you will get what you have paid for. Lowballing your budget can pay off in many aspects of purchases in your daily life. When it comes to your website you will want to invest a reasonable amount of money.

Secondly, if you are working with a professional developer you should have trust with your developer and take full advantage of their experiences within their field. Many times a developer has worked on websites similar to your website and can advise on multiple aspects such as design, color choices, and content. These ideas and inputs are invaluable. Work with your developer not against them.

Finally, developers can be at fault to a degree. When working with an individual or team that has hired the developer can be frustrating. With multiple sources of input come multiple ideas about design. It is easy to go into autopilot and simply produce a website that functions properly but does not show the businesses theme. Remeber as a developer you must keep a cool head, continue to provide the best service to your abilities and assist is guiding your client.

Overall this trend of subpar websites seems to be provoked by a breakdown in communication between website owners and the developers and a mindset that the cheapest product is the best. These may be a temporary trend that will fix itself, but everyone should take into consideration that if you can do your part than the website being created for you will rise above the crowd. This is essential in drawing more potential clients. For more information or to start a web development project click here.

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Does a Website Increase Your Profit?

June 22, 2018

If you own a small business many times you question the importance of having your company online, if it is important for your small business to maintain a strong online presence, and if your website and help your company grow? When you zoom out and begin to take in the larger picture you will quickly come to realize how crucial it is to maintain your overall online branding.

Firstly, we need to look at the hard facts. In 2017 nearly 1.66 billion people purchased goods and services online. That is a huge number considering there are only 7.66 billion people alive. This means that more than a fifth of the global population shops online. In the same year, the total revenue from online purchases amounted to 2.3 trillion USD.

As a small business, it might be hard to picture yourself in the same league as the larger corporations that push the total online revenue higher, but any business can partake in the global online market. The key to this is keeping up a strong online presence, keeping your website updated and maintaining an up to date product listing. It is also crucial to the success of your website that you update your stock amounts consistently. You do not want to find yourself lacking an item that a customer ordered.

If this all seems a little overwhelming, you can always work with a professional web developer to maintain your website. A professional management service will let you leave the stress, headaches and hard work with someone who is skilled and qualified in the codes and techniques that are used to create, maintain and update a website. Many small businesses are now using web developers under contract to maintain their websites. Usually, this is done by signing a yearly contract and paying a set monthly retainer. The average price differs usually based on the scope of your website. For more information on this or feel free to contact us here.

Source: MarketWatch

Should You Update Your Website?

June 15, 2018

When you are working to update and bring your brand into the modern online marketplace there are often many questions that will go through your mind. Is this something I really need to do? What does my website need? Can I work with a professional? Will it be too expensive? Let us break down these questions and shed a bit of light on what goes into updating your old website.

Firstly, keeping your website updated to fit into the current aesthetic of the average website is crucial in keeping your clients and potential customers content. What do you need to add to your website to help create a more modern and up to date look and feel? Many websites are finding that certain classic website aspects are becoming more and more useful as search engines are constantly updating their algorithm, a major aspect that is being reused in websites is a blog section. A blog helps you connect with your client base and improve your searchability.

Besides adding a blog you may want to consider adding links to your social media accounts and online reviews. This assists in making your website and company seem more personable. Now, touching lightly on the overall design you should be aiming for is minimalistic and clean. It will be advantageous for your brand and the future of your website. A clean, simple and organized website can last much longer without needing to be updated constantly. This can save you time and money.

One of the biggest concerns you might have is whether hiring a professional is worth it and the cost that comes with this. A professional web developer is able to complete your website much quicker than you will likely be able to. They also have the experience and knowledge to complete the project correctly the first time. This will allow you to focus on other tasks connected to rebranding and announcements. For the most part, the cost of hiring a professional is easily outweighed by the benefits. Most website redesigns are priced off the over scope and work that will go into the project. you can work with your web designer to bring down the cost so it can be something more within your budget.

Overall keeping your website up to date and modern is important to the overall success of your website. A potential customer loses trust in a company that seems outdated. For more information on this subject or to hire a professional web developer you can click here.

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Can An Old Website Harm Your Business?

June 07, 2018

There are multiple reasons that your business may want to consider redesigning or redeveloping your old website. Keeping your website up to date is critical to staying relevant in the constantly evolving online world. Some websites may only need a few minor updates others may need a full redesign. Here are some of the reasons to consider updating your website.

So your website is not comparable to the more modern websites. Your website feels dated, old and the look of your website is reminiscent of something created in 2005. Aesthetics may seem like a shallow reason for hiring a web developer but consumers and clients are visual people that find it easier to trust and purchase online if the website feels reputable. Outdated websites do not feel trustworthy or credible.

Is your website slow? Does it take more than a few seconds for all the attributes on your website to load? Unsurprisingly your slow website could be caused by old code that is not able to keep up with the sleeker codes of other websites. New coding languages are developed constantly and older web languages are evolving and growing. If your website is still using old code languages and has not been updated in more than a year it is highly likely that the performance of your website is suffering. Many users will simply click away if your website is taking to long to load.

If you have not updated your website since its creation, depending on when it was originally created it is likely that your website is not optimized for mobile devices. This is a huge issue. Seeing as how 70% or more of online browsing is done from the comfort of a smartphone you could be missing out on a large pool of potential clients that will never see your website.

Last but certainly not least, your website could be affecting your SEO. Many search engines are constantly updating their algorithm to bring the best possible search results to their users. If your website is not coded, designed, and laid out in a way that promotes easy use, clean layouts and optimal interaction you can expect a lower ranking. A lower equals less traffic and less traffic means fewer customers.

These are just a few of the ways that an old website might negatively affect your business. If you have any questions or concerns about this you can contact us by clicking here. We will be happy to go through the process and steps that can be taken to bring your website into the modern online world.

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How To Avoid Bad Website Hosting Providers

June 01, 2018

Picking through website hosting providers can be a tiring, overwhelming and sometimes anxiety-inducing process. So much of your online presence relies on your website to be up and running as much as possible. A good website hosting service you have an uptime of at least 99%, have 24-hour customer service and tech support and not cost you an arm and a leg. There are so many companies around providing website hosting you need to look closely to determine if they are worth your business or not. Here are a few easy ways to tell if a website hosting company is credible.

  1. Luckily for most customers that have access to the internet, you can easily look up a company to find their online reviews. Always check the reviews of other clients who have used the web hosting services of the company in question. If the negative reviews outweigh the positive this is a major red flag! You should immediately be cautious before purchasing a hosting plan with a negatively reviewed company.

  2. In most industries, there is a refund policy, in web hosting this is no different. Most legitimate companies with a service that is reliable and well priced will provide a refund if you cancel your service within the specified time frame. Most of these time frames are between 7 and 30 days. For whatever reason any company that does not provide refund policy or state "No Refund" is not a company you should be considering.

  3. The market for a website hosting service is saturated with companies ready to host your website. With this in mind, you should never pay a higher amount than necessary. Before purchasing a hosting plan you should carefully research at least three other companies to check their prices against comparable plans of the competition. If at any time you are faced with a hosting plan that is $100 or more higher than other plans on the market than it is not worth it.

  4. At some point, after purchasing your web hosting plan for some reason you might want to switch your website to a different website hosting provider. This is perfectly normal. But if you did not check the website host providers transfer policy you may be surprised by shockingly expensive transfer fees. You should never have to deal with expensive transfer fees. Most web hosting services will either charge nothing or an under $20 fee to transfer your website to another hosting company.

These are just a few things you should look out for when considering purchasing a website hosting plan. Remeber to always research each company and ask questions. A good hosting company will be ready to answer all of your questions! To purchase a website hosting plan through MythosLife click here, for any questions click here.

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Is Web Design a Dying Job?

May 24, 2018

There has been a rumoring flying around the tech industry, web design is dying! Well as with most rumors, this simply isn't the truth. Everything changes, evolves and grows into something new. Web design is doing that very thing even as you read this. As long as websites exist there will be someone working hard behind the scenes. But in this changing tech world, the web designer has evolved into a more well rounded and experienced expert.

So what has changed? Well as new languages, interfaces and online apps have become to the forefront the web designer has changed how they work. Updating themselves to become what is now called a full stack developer. This may sound odd but in fact, many web developers were already fluent in multiple coding languages.

Full stack coding is a combination of front-end languages and back-end coding. Mastery of full-stack technology is what allows developers to truly take a project and create something amazing. A full stack developer can take your project and code you something that can fit all your needs, sync to multiple servers, allow your clients and customers an online portal and even help you keep track of your sales and purchases.

For any questions or to start a project, we at Mythoslife are happy to assist you. Click here for more information!

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How Can You Improve Your Website Ranking?

May 18, 2018

Every website owner and most web developers have had that moment when they go onto a search engine, type in a few keywords related to the website in question and press search. Most of the time after clicking search a sense of disappointment begins to enter the searcher's mind as they find their website is not ranking as high as they would have thought. It is common knowledge that your SEO keywords are what directly affects your search engine ranking. With this in mind, why is your ranking not as high as you expect? We shall look at a few of the unique ways that you and your web developer may be able to increase your SEO ranking.

A crucial step to jumpstarting or revamping your online ranking is planning, research and in-depth analysis of your website, your selected keywords and the top-ranked keywords and metadata of your competition. This task may seem a little daunting at first. If you break it down and approach it at a healthy pace it can be a relatively painless endeavor.

1. Take stock of your companies overall website, compare the amount of text versus code on each page. Your code should never outweigh the content. Your text should be unique, nonrepetitive and original. Strategically scattering a healthy amount of industry-specific keywords related to your field of business is a smart decision. It is more important to be focused on balancing your content to code ratio is this stage.

2. After you have successfully evaluated and corrected any issues you had with the content of your website it is not time to begin gauging the effectiveness of your metadata and SEO keywords. First, find a website or service that allows you to track and rank different SEO keywords. Input and track your selected keywords for a set period of time to gauge the overall appeal and traffic they receive. If you see some words performing poorly you may want to add or replace these with other words that might have higher popularity.

3. Crucial to the success of your plan, you should now begin gauging the effectiveness of your competitions SEO keywords. Thier are quite a few different websites that will allow you to look behind the scenes at your competitions keywords. Choosing 5 to 10 different keywords and ranking them with the service mentioned above will allow you to compare and re-evaluate your own choice of words.

These are just a few of the tricks that many companies have used to increase their rankings on search engines. Though these have been proven to work for others even giving way to huge increases in website activity. Remeber that each website is different and that even a small amount of increased activity is potential revenue and customers.

Source: Entrepreneur